Muntz Library Initiative

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Muntz Library Initiative

Helping students reduce their costs of attending UT Tyler 

Realizing that the high costs of textbooks create a substantial financial burden for many students, the Muntz Library at UT Tyler started an initiative to purchase E-textbooks for the library collection. The goal is for as many students as possible to have access to as many of their textbooks as possible, for free, at any time and online. When available, the library purchases unlimited access to the resources, so everyone in the class can use the book at any time. Over the course of 4 years, this can represent significant savings for students. For just the first two semesters (fall 2020 and Spring 2021), savings to students were $230,000 if every student used the library E-textbook instead of purchasing a copy.  

“After Covid, and everything else that happened to me last year, I was so grateful to be able to access my books online.  Not having that added expense, I could save money for food and other supplies.”

Additional funds will support the ongoing purchase of reading materials selected by the faculty for future courses. Your gift will support the Muntz Library purchasing additional E-textbooks to make attending UT Tyler more affordable for as many students as possible.

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