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K-16 Literacy Center Initiative

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K-16 Literacy Center Initiative

2022 Funding Goal: $7,500

The fundraising goal of $7,500 will be used to (a) recruit 20-25 parents of new-born to age five to enroll in and complete an 8-month long education program, (b) empower and build their capacity to support the development of their children’s early language and literacy skills at home, (c) provide them with the necessary tools, resources, and training to help them support their children’s early language and literacy skills, and (d) evaluate the impact of the program on the literacy outcomes of participating children and parents.

About the K-16 Literacy Center 

The K-16 Literacy Center is a non-profit educational unit operated within the College of Education and Psychology at The University of Texas at Tyler. Its core mission is focused on improving the quality of life of children through literacy by engaging in literacy research, teaching, and service activities aimed at strengthening instruction and improving literacy achievement outcomes within the university, local area schools, and the East Texas communities. Click here for more information about the K-16 Literacy Center.

Annual Program Costs ($7,500)

Children’s Birthday Gift $10 per child x 25 children$250
Instructional Supplies $12 per child x 25 children$300
Teacher Stipends$12 per hour for one teacher per month$936
Children’s Books$15 per book x 10 books per year x 25 children$3,750
Registration Fees$25 per child x 25 children$625
Read Aloud Handbook$30 per book x 25 families$750
Promotional Materials$35 per child x 25 children per family$875


The primary purpose of this funding request is help support the early language & literacy development of young children in East Texas. Funds will help expand and scale up one of the Literacy Center’s signature programs, “Born-to-Read”, which is designed to build parent capacity to introduce reading to their young children early and to support them in developing children’s early language and literacy skills so that children are prepared for kindergarten. The “Born to Read” program has been field-tested with a few dozen families during the past three years with a great deal of success for parents and children involved. Click here for more information about “Born-to-Read” program.

Choose a giving level


Children’s Birthday Gift

(10) $25 gifts will cover the annual cost of birthday gifts for 25 children!


Instructional Supplies!

(7) $50 gifts will cover the annual cost of instructional materials for 25 children!


Teacher Stipends

(10) $100 gifts will cover the annual cost of teacher stipends for 1 teacher a month for 8 month!


Children’s Registration Fees

(5) $150 gifts will cover the annual cost registration fees for 25 children!


Family Read Aloud Handbooks

(4) $200 gifts will cover the annual cost of read aloud handbooks for 25 families!


Promotional Materials

(3) $300 gifts will cover the annual cost of promotional material!


Children’s Books

(7) $500 gifts will cover the annual costs of children’s books for 25 children!

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