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The Patriot’s Club for Women’s Basketball exists to provide support for our student-athletes, with the goal of providing a life-changing experience through athletics. An investment to our program will ensure that these young ladies gain the tools, equipment, experience necessary to achieve victory in the classroom, in competition, and in life.  Thank you for investing in UTT Women’s Basketball. 

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  Scheduling is a key component in building and sustaining a successful women’s basketball program.  As we move forward in the very competitive Lone Star Conference, the importance of upgrading our season schedule every year is critical for us to compete for conference, regional, and national championships.  This year, we are looking to add five additional games to our schedule and give our team a better chance in making the regional tournament in March 2023.  Exempt tournaments/games allow teams to compete in additional games.  26 games is the maximum amount of games allowed by the D2 committee, unless teams schedule exempt tournaments/games.  Year in and year out, the best teams in the LSC have competed in exempt tournaments/games because it gives them a clear advantage of playing more games.  This year, we have committed to three exempt games in Puerto Rico and two games at Lubbock Christian and we are asking for help with funding for these trips. The games in Puerto Rico allow us the time and opportunity to volunteer to help others in their community.  These games will be a tremendous opportunity for us to build a championship program and provide several learning experiences that our young ladies will never forget.  We appreciate any support you can provide in helping us upgrade our schedule this year and the years to come. 


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