Honored Nurses Scholarship Fund

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Honored Nurses Scholarship Fund

If you’ve experienced the power of a great nurse, you won’t forget it. The wisdom, the skill and the dedication that nurses show every day, sets them apart as very special people. By making a gift to the Honored Nurses Scholarship Fund, you can say a heartfelt thank you to an individual nurse, while at the same time enabling future nurses to help more people, every day.

Whether you want to thank a special caregiver, or celebrate a nursing colleague, a friend, or a family member, contribute in their name today. Your donation to the fund supports the educational aspirations of future nurses. 

"Nurses are at the heart of healthcare delivery yet are not always recognized for their contributions. That is because the very best nursing care is never seen – the result is what doesn’t happen. For the hospitalized patient, excellent nursing care equates to: infections that do not occur, blood clots that do not happen, pneumonias that are avoided, skin integrity that is maintained, and a myriad of other potentially negative events. For persons in the community, excellent nursing care results in prevention, early detection, and lifestyle changes that alter the incidence and progression of chronic illnesses. People lead healthier lives because of nursing. Nurses impact policies and create systems to improve health outcomes.  In summary, this fund is important because it recognizes the amazing, yet sometimes invisible, work that nurses do every day." 

- Barbara Haas, PhD, RN, Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Drs. Lee Roy and Lucy Mathis Chair in Nursing

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