About Elevate

What is Elevate? 

Elevate is UT Tyler’s official crowdfunding platform. It serves as an online tool to help students, faculty and staff display select projects and raise funds to turn their ambitious ideas into reality. Whether a project needs funding for a student organization, faculty/staff research, academic program support, or even a university-led community initiative, UT Tyler utilizes the power of the “UT family” to directly impact the world with each online gift – no matter how large or small. 

How does it work? What is crowdfunding?

You are given the technology, taught how to use it, and then you raise funds from your own network. It is important to understand that you will be soliciting your friends, peers, etc. Annual Giving and UT Tyler are not actively soliciting for your project on your behalf, that is up to you and your project leaders and champions!

How can I apply to host a project?

Any UT Tyler faculty member, staff member, or student may apply. You must have a departmental affiliation and/or advisor and access to a UT Tyler account that can accept contributions.

You can find the Elevate application here

What does it take to have a successful project?

-  A compelling story with a 1-2 minute video that clearly illustrates your need

-  Willingness to reach out to a large network of friends for support

-  A creative communication plan that reaches beyond UT alumni and friends (such as reaching out to industry bloggers or publications)

-  Willingness to invest time and effort into planning for, launching, and fundraising for your campaign

The University of Texas at Tyler FAQ


Enter the amount you wish to donate in the TOP BOX to the left or pick a pre-determined level.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes! All philanthropic contributions to the UT Tyler are tax-deductible as prescribed by law.

Will I receive a receipt for my contribution?

Yes! After you make your gift, you will receive a receipt via e-mail within the tax year.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card is charged immediately upon finalizing your gift on the site.

How do I make a gift of securities?

Call 903.566.6179 or email ginajones@uttyler.edu

What is the institution’s Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number?

The University of Texas at Tyler's Tax ID Number is 75-1396988.


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